Problems with “Wait to return” command in workflow app

Hello everyone,
I’ve made a small workflow which I use to record my daily exercise in Day One. The workflow has to switch between a few apps which works fine; however, the problem occurs when at one stage I spend about 45 min in Freeletics app and then return to Workflow expecting it to continue to the next step. For some reason, workflow app forgets that it is supposed to continue.
Is there a time limit associated with “Wait to return” command?

There will certainly be a timeout at 45 minutes, it’s hard to say exactly when it will timeout though - sort of a “how long is a piece of string” question with many variables involved! What you could do is to instead run a Day One logging workflow after you’ve done the workouts, collecting the data from the Health App (assuming the apps used all log to it).

Thanks for the quick answer Rosemary :+1:
It didn’t occur to me before to pull the data from the health app. Will try that.

It looks like workout data cannot be accessed from workflow app through command “find health samples where”. I can get steps, calories etc… but not workouts :frowning:

I usually get the data for each specific type of workout, but I swim so that information is available. I know walking/running, and cycling are also available.