Productivity concept needed: Sequential creation vs “production line”

I once came across this concept/description that describes something like below, now I can’t Google my way to finding any material on it — can you help?

There is a concept that describes, counter-intuitively, how it is faster to create one thing (a widget, a product, a anything) fully and then the next thing fully, etc — instead of creating one piece of a thing across all iterations, then the next piece, and so on.

I skimmed it a while ago, but now I think about the idea often and I want to actually read and understand it.

Thanks in advance!

Sounds like(?):


Thanks @JohnAtl — that looks like a great article on habit formation.

What I am searching has more to do with the production of multiple items, and what is faster.

Sequential, one at a time VS first piece across multiple items, second piece, third piece etc.

Appreciate you taking the time!

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For people in the future: The concept was “One Piece Flow” as described in Eric Ries: Lean Startup