Profile country flags - who needs more than one?

I saw that some people have a country flag by their name, but as an expat I can’t just choose one. Any chance of more than one?

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Hello, so this forum runs on a framework called discourse, and the flags I believe are provided via a plugin to the base forum software.

The plugin does not currently support multiple flags, looking at several different discussions on the topic, muli-flagging has come up before.

Likely it is not a super high demand feature and thus not worth anyone’s time to write and submit a PR request to the maintainer of the plugin. But because the plugin is a piece of open source software, there is nothing stopping you from making the PR request if it really matters

Else I would just pick the nationality of the country that you feel most represents your culture as opposed to the one you live in.

When there’s a flag for Midatlantis, that will be my flag.