Programming on iOS

So I saw Rose Orchard’s FB post about python programming on iOS. Mind blown. What sort of apps should I have on my iPad Pro? I program in Python, PowerShell, Java, Bash, and ZSH. I like the idea of two different applications of the iPad… documentation and programming on the go. For OTG programming, do you integrate with GitHub or GitLab?

Programming on iOS is still pretty limited. Pythonista is really awesome and usually has enough built in modules to get most things done (you can’t pip install anything). It is also only for Python development. For anything Git related, I’d recommend Working Copy. Does an awesome job on just about everything you’d want or need. Anything PowerShell, Bash, ZSH, or Java related would require either a plaintext editor (with no running). A new one came out recently which looks really nice called Kodex. Otherwise, you can SSH into a computer with something like Prompt and use vim or emacs and then run it as well.


Dash is great for documentation of the language and you can download the dictionaries for each offline which I do.

I use Working Copy to connect to GitLab for my version control, but it will connect to any Git server.


Hi Rose. I am curious about the FB post on iOS programming using Python that Allen referenced. Could you provide a link? Thanks!

I use the terminal in coda for basic python scripts I run on a Webserver. Works fine.

Four years later, has the state of programming on the iPad changed? I’d like to get my son into programming (myself, too). We started with Shortcuts (using the Field Guide), would like to move to Python (is Pythonista still the only option – so far the only limit I ran was something that needed Python 3.7 and the Pythonista is 3.6) and finally to Swift Playgrounds to make apps.

Or is doing it all on the iPad a lost cause?

Looking for this post online (I couldn’t find it but I didn’t really get on FB) I found this wonderful listen of Automators #9 on her blog regarding Scriptable and Javascript on iPad OS. Thanks!!