Prompt for Downloading Printer Software -- Nope

Every time I login to my MBPr I receive a Software Update prompt asking if I want to download software for my printer (Brother MFC-J4820DW). If I tell it to go ahead and download, it comes back and tells me that the software is not available. I already have the latest driver installed and the printer works fine, even for scanning, so I want this message to stop. Does anyone know how to disable it?

Are you using fhe Brother CUPS driver or Airprint?


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Hmm the quickest way to reset and get rid of .plist and other stuff related to printers is to reset the printer settings by right clicking in the Printer & Scanners pane and choose “Reset printing system” and start from scratch.

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I thought of that but didn’t want to go there quite yet. Setting up printers for the office is a real pain. I guess I’ll just have to bite that bullet. Thanks for the advice.

Remove the Brother related files manually:

  • HD > Applications > Brother
  • HD > Library > Printers > Brother
  • HD > Library > LaunchAgents >…
  • HD > Library > Preferences > Brother
  • Restart the Mac
  • Download and install the latest version of the Brother software.

When adding the printer make sure you select the CUPS driver and NOT the AirPrint.

I’ve done this now a couple of times and it is still prompting me, although not on every login. I think I will need to bite the proverbial bullet and reset the printing system.