ProRaw in iOS 14.3

Some good articles on the new ProRaw format added to the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max in 14.3:

First up Ben Sandofsky with Halide. One interesting tidbit from this article, turns out there’s a reason the non-Pro iPhone 12 doesn’t support ProRaw:

In the past, these algorithms did their math with lower bit depths, because their output was just low bit depth JPEGs. Outputting images in a higher bit depth requires twice the memory. Apple’s Pro iPhones have twice the memory as non-Pro models, and ProRAW needs all of that.

More from Austin Mann, including some great images taken with ProRaw:


Right, but for most people this isn’t an option. So, more people taking better pictures is a good thing.

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Exactly. While it’s impressive what current smartphones get out of those tiny sensors and simple optics, a lot of computational power and algorithms are needed to whip that into something useable.

And it certainly depends on what your output medium is. A smartphone screen or a huge print?

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