Proton Pass anyone?

New (out of Beta) password manager from Proton.

They have a special offer until the end of July, Plus Plan for 1€/month forever.

The email alias feature is really appealing to me.

No shared vaults yet but they said it’s coming. Not clear if it’ll be available in the Plus plan or only the Unlimited plan.

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My interest was peaked by this too. I am a 1Password subscriber, at $1 a month I am tempted to give it a try and lock in the price

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$1 a month sounds good but gosh it’s going to be so hard to replace 1Password. It’s just too good :frowning:


I’m going in!
I already use Proton Mail as my secure email (bank accounts etc, since having banks send reset emails to my accounts in are open to anyone who has access to my unlocked device). I have 1Password which is great, but I’m not attached to it.

So, Proton Mail, Proton Pass, and their hide-my-email service seems like a perfect setup for my version of security.


Word of caution: The macOS Safari extension is “coming soon”
This didn’t stop me getting in right now, but it’s worth being aware.


1password has family plan and easy sharing of passwords between family members. At a glance I did not see this with Proton Pass. This is one of the key differentiators for me

Agreed about the 1Password family plan.

I already use it via SimpleLogin which is probably what powers it. And, I love it. You can use your own domain too, I have one just for throwaway emails.

I’m going to give this a try although I’m a bit wary of putting all my eggs in the same basket (I already have my email there).

Does anyone know where the vault is stored?

Online: “stored on our servers

(I did not see a mention of the geolocation)

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Interesting price, but the 1Password Developer Tools offer so much value to me…

For sure, shared vaults is a must-have item for me.

They said it’s coming. I saw a response from a Proton representative to a question on Reddit.

Not sure if it’ll be available to all plans or just the most expensive one (Unlimited).

One of the nice things I like about Proton as a company is that so far they have locked subscription prices to the price it was when a customer first subscribed to a given service. Been using them since beta and my wife and I have had subscriptions since they were first offered and we were upgraded to Unlimited for the same price we were paying for just the mail service years ago.

Their services may be a little light on features compared to various competitors, but they appear to put a lot of thought and effort into providing new services and features in the most secure way they can.


Well I love their VPN so guess will give this a try!

I like what Proton is building towards quite a bit, and consider them on the short list that can actually handle this data securely, privately and long-term. I suspect Bitwarden takes more air out of the potential market than 1Password does for them.


I’m an unlimited member and it’s included in it. Yehhhhh!!


How’s it going for people using Proton Pass? I’m super interested in the hide my email part. How’s the experience vs masked emails on fastmail?

I am in the same boat, I am tempted to sign up for the $1 deal just for the email aliases and then continuing 1Password

That’s “$1/month when billed annually”, so $12 at the first purchase?

Yup, and that price is locked in as long as the subscription is kept current (based on past experience with Proton).

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