Proxy icons on Monterey?

This was mentioned in the latest podcast but I didn’t catch where it is located.

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System Prefs > Accessibility > Display > Show Window Title Icons


@aardy was exactly right, but I already had this made (for a different discussion), so I decided to share it anyway for those people who might enjoy visuals.

I loved the phrase used about accessibility being the graveyard for decisions Apple can’t make or something like that.

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…except, those of us whose bodies need to take advantage of the vision or hearing affordances in the Accessibility preferences, because otherwise computing would be difficult or impossible, do not feel or want to be in a “graveyard”. Just want to participate.

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My apologies. I did not intend to disparage or minimize, and regret any insult or injury I may have caused by my poor wording.

My comment— and I believe Stephen and David’s — was only to say that sometimes — in addition to those accessibility features which are needed affordances — Apple puts things into accessibility that might not otherwise have “a place”.

A similar thing was observed in System Preferences » Keyboard which is another place where all sorts of “odds and ends” have been included, including the now curiously named … Shortcuts … named for Keyboard Shortcuts, not the program formerly known as Workflow/

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