PSA for Apple Pencil users

I use my Apple Pencil a lot for note taking and am always frustrated about inserting a new line.
I just discovered that if you start writing further down the page, scribble starts a new line. I only discovered this yesterday and wanted to share.
I’m trying to take notes directly into Drafts and found an action that removes extraneous carriage returns so it’s easy to clean that up when I’m done.
Happy days


Thanks for sharing this–I’ve been using the pencil more lately and couldn’t figure out how to start a new line or paragraph. I’ve been opening the keyboard icon to get a carriage return. (How’s that for "old school?!)

Me too- and I hated it!

I’m struggling to get this to work reliably. Do you have any other tips and tricks? I’ve just started using Typewriter mode in Drafts to give me more space beneath the text so that I can always have a nice open area for writing.

Here’s my settings

I tried to attach a video of it in action but we’re not allowed on the site.
Here’s another screen shot of how low you need to go to pass the same line threshold. Configuring “highlight insertion point” is very helpful