Public Betas—who’s ready?

Who’s brave enough to install the public Beas that were installed today? I’m intrigued by some of the changes I’ve heard via MacSparky but rely on my equipment too much to jump in.

I got on the beta train last week, guessing that the 3rd developer beta was the public beta. Just on the iPad but will add to phone today. Only problem thus far is emojis don’t work. Whoops. Lol.


I always say I’m not going to download the beta and then I get excited for the new features and go for it.

Then about 3 hours later I realize
a) Not that much really changed that couldn’t wait 2-3 more months
b) none of the new features in Messages works because no one else I know updated
c) Is my battery losing a charge faster, or is it all in my head?
d) None of my third party apps are/will be updated

So I restore my phone and then say “I’m never doing that again”.

This is finally the year where I can actually say I’m not tempted to install it. Time will tell.


Read this and cooled my jets :slight_smile:

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My iPad will get a Public Beta, maybe #1. Better stage manager and maybe widgets.

My iPhone 13 might get a beta.

My watch and MBP will wait.

I run (developer) betas at a test phone at work, but my personal devices (iPhone / iPad) won’t get iOS 17 / iPadOS 17 until Apple releases the first RC (Release Candidate).

I’m always a sucker for new shiny things … I’ll play! :man_shrugging:


Not me. I have everything just like I want it.

I’m on the macOS betas for App development and really can’t see anything worth rushing for here. It’s nice though.
This time I created a bootable install of the old OS before jumping in, so I have that to fall back to.

Riding the developer beta wave right now. iOS input field doesn’t always display in messages or safari and necessitates a close and open.

Apple Watch however, ooh boy this one annoys me. If I start playing music on my iPhone to my AirPods and then want to switch to my Apple Watch as the source for a workout, I have to turn my iPhone off. Disabling Bluetooth does nothing and the watch will still talk to iOS and enable Bluetooth for me.

I am (almost) always enthusiastic and happy about the contents of the WWDC keynote and I always cannot wait for everything to be released.

But Betas? Not any more. Why?

  1. Without having looked into the details this year, sometimes you really only get the benefits of all new and shiny stuff if all your devices are on the Beta. Wich is a no go for me.

  2. A Beta without third-party apps that really do take advantage of what a Beta OS has to offer is not as compelling as a fully-baked environment of the new and shiny OS in combination with apps being ready for those OS.

  3. A Beta is a Beta. And while this year does not seem to be as bad, battery issues and stuff like that are normal and yes, every year has its Beta experience - like this year’s MacOS: An Alerting Vista of Sonoma • which is making developers crazy because they have to live through first-hand what Public Beta users are experiencing: Rogue Amoeba - Under the Microscope » Blog Archive » Alert: Poorly Thought Out Alerts Which leads to developers crying out loud: Keep off the Beta train, if you want to get work done with our software. :slight_smile:

And then again? The new and shiny! :slight_smile: I would love to have it. But… it’s only two months now until the release. I already have made it through one month without the Beta experience. Two more to go. :slight_smile:


I’ve only done the iPad public beta so far, but I’ll probably switch one Mac as well. The main things I wanted to start using early were improved Stage Manager, improved Messages search, Safari improvements, and the Health app. (None depend on third party developers shipping early, you’ll notice.)

I’m considering the same beta for similar reasons? any really annoying bugs?

Just one so far: sometimes the previous text you typed in Spotlight is still there when you open it again, and your typing appends to it so you end up with nonsense strings.

I install nothing until it’s been released and on at least x.3 before I’ll install. Only upgraded to Ventura last week.

Most version releases are still beta’s in my opinion and need a number of point versions before they’re properly ready for prime time.

In addition to my 13" iPad Pro I’ve now got it on my iPhone and iPad Mini 5. All good thus far. I’ve had one crash on the iPad Pro in the 11 or so day I’ve had it installed. Only persistent bug is that emojis do not work when a keyboard is attached. :grimacing:

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Only in VMs for now…

Just installed iOS 17 'cause I wanted to play with widgets, esp. music. I’ve found it crashes if I try to reorder my home screen pages. Just me or has anyone else seen that?

I don’t have iOS 17 installed yet, I do have iPadOS17 and I can rearrange the home screen without any trouble.

On iOS17, I found re-arranging the app icons a little less fluid. It’s now like I have push an icon out of the space I want to put the icon I want to that space. They used to just move out of the way.