Purchase suggestions on Amazon for My New Devices?

I am blessed in that I have been able to order two HomePods and three echo dots with my own funds. However, I received a $100 Amazon gift certificate for Christmas. I also received four Amazon smart plugs. Given the new HomePods, Echo dots, and smart plugs, based on your experience with any of these devices, what would be a good use of the $100? I’m new to home automation, Echos, and HomePods. Suggestions? Simple things come to mind like the Echo Spot, holders for the HomePods (I’ve heard they can damage furniture) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D27LFZD/ref=psdc_3236443011_t1_B07FXLPPM5?tag=imoreb-20&ascsubtag=UUimUdUnU49765YYl, bulbs, an outdoor camera (I’d like for my wife to see who is at the front door when I gone—we have a SimpliSafe system.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

This might be a good opportunity to jump into the Hue ecosystem. It’s really convenient to tell Siri to turn lights on or off, set scenes for tv watching that have lamps at 10% brightness, etc.
I have a couple of full color bulbs in bedroom lamps, and use the Hue app to simulate a sunrise each morning. This seems to help us wake up in a natural and gentle manner.
Sometimes I tell Siri to make the bedroom lights different colors to keep the neighbors guessing :slight_smile: The thunderstorm simulators are good for this too.
They also have ambient bulbs that can produce warm to cool white colors, and are good for reading books.
I recently added strip lights under our kitchen cabinets controlled by a wireless switch and motion sensor. When we walk into the kitchen, the lights turn on and are functional and look good as well. In the evening and at night, the lights turn on blue, which is easier on the eyes when you’re just looking for a snack. (In theory, red would be better to preserve night vision, but the blue looks good, and we aren’t doing astronomy :slight_smile:.)