Purchasing a HomePod

I would like some advice on when and from where to purchase a HomePod. (I.e. Apple.com, Bestbuy, OWC.

Are there places that I should consider purchasing from more than others, is there a timeframe when they are on sale relative to other times?

I figured since I’m home all the time now, I can put it to good use. FYI, I do have the Barclay’s CC.

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Just saw this: https://eshop.macsales.com/item/Apple/MQHV2LLA/


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So I should wait to purchase one?

No, if you like the HomePod and the price is right it’s still a great piece of hardware. I have two of them.

A new HomePod might be a cheaper mini model with lesser sound, or it might have more features, or even both - a mini and a v.2. No one knows. Apple has patents on ‘countertop speakers’ with sensors to recognize hand-waving, but Apple seems to patent 100 inventions for every one it actually uses.

OWC has had that deal for a while. Note that it does not come with an Apple warranty but an OWC warranty.

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