Python Scripts on MacOS 12.3 Beta

Does anyone use Python scripts on macOS - for example on xbar?

I updated to macOS 12.3 Beta and discovered that it removes Python 2.7 since macOS does not come with that automatically any more. I installed Python 3.0 but there is some issue with setting up the Python environment which causes xbar Python scripts (and some others) to fail.

Has anyone else experienced this?

[On the plus side, Mac Mail 16.0 on MacOS 12.3 loads large mailboxes much faster and syncs my iMAP email much quicker.]

It’s about time!

But sorry it broke things for you.

Which xbar are you asking about? There seems to be several things called xbar.


Yes, Python 2.7 is way out of date and and “end of life” was in the last decade declared to be Jan 1, 2020.

If you need Python 2.7, you can still run it. It still works. … recommend you consider look into Python Virtual Environments. I use Anaconda with a number of different environments. There are other Virtual Environment available.

One big advantage of using a Virtual Environment for your Python stuff is that it’s all independent of the operating system. You can install your own libraries and configurations without risk of messing up what Apple delivers to you.

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I am referring to this: