Qbserve, alternative to timing

Since I decided to leave setapp, I started to search alternatives for some apps. I like timing, but for price they charge, it’s overkill for my needs. I want simply stats about how much time I spent on specific web site, app or document. Most of alternatives which write that they track time “automatically” is partly correct, because you need to set up rules first. In my opinion it’s not true automatic time tracking. Accidentally someone mentioned Qbserve on reddit and I downloaded trial. With Qbserve you get automatic time tracking and simpler interface. Also one time purchase.

Developer is very responsive. Early January this ear I sent email about that drafts and ulysses was tracked, but not individual drafts and sheets. I got answer in few days that he will look at that in 2 weeks. After maybe a week I get new email from him and he fixed this issue.
So yeah, timing is excellent application and if I worked and needed to track my time for job purposes I guess I would stay with timing.

Have you recently discovered any applications and was surprised how you have never heard about this piece of software before?

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Not any in particular, but every once in a while I have a moment like what you’re describing when scrolling through ProductHunt.

Actually an example Ejectify