QR code Generator Options

I’m interested in making more use of QR codes. I found this service which has been recommended to me but it seems pricy.

Are there good, less expensive options? I see there are QR code generation apps, is there one you recommend?

A simple, free way to generate a QR code on your phone is to use the Chrome browser. From the share icon in Chrome on iOS choose Create a QR Code, which you can then save or share onward.

Thanks! That’s interesting! I’ll check it out but quickly, do you know if I can create a “business card” QR code using Chrome?

I just use one of the dozens of free generators. Such as this one, which has a vcard option.

No, Chrome just creates the QR and name of the website.

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@JohnAtl Thanks. That is the one I was first considering but it is not free, minimum of 10/month unless I’m missing something.

Apologies for my hasty posting.

Maybe this:

If you have Cardhop by Flexibits, there is a built in QR code generator for vcards. You can also create a number of vcards with different information included for different roles/situations. Once created, opening the app and turning your phone landscape displays a business card, with the QR code, full screen and you can swipe to find the appropriate card. The QR code can also be expanded to full screen.

You can also include logos.

For a simple text QR code generator, Shortcuts on i*OS (I don’t have a Mac so can’t comment on that) has an action to generate a QR code.

Hope this helps.


@JohnAtl That looks promising, I’m testing it. Thanks!

@Tony I do have carhop but I did not know it could generate QR codes. I’ll also check this out, thanks!

Shortcuts can also generate QR codes which can be quite handy!


I did not realize that, thanks!

I like Qrafter for i*OS.

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