in Mojave

Since the Mojave upgrade, the first time I launch any app on both my iMac and MacBook, I get a question asking to authorise something called See attached example. Is this something to do with macos, or is it something that I should be worried about?


Looks like it’s probably this:

it was being generated from an old piece of software: Quest’s vWorkspace (a remote login application). Just uninstalling vWorkspace isn’t enough - you’ll have to dig around in Go to Folder for your system library for QuestAgent itself, and essentially delete that manually.

only non-apple applications or extensions will result in this prompt popping up. Anything that is first-party is given implicit permission to access whatever it needs, just as in iOS the Calendar app doesn’t ask for permission to access your calendar, or the Camera app doesn’t ask for access to your camera, but a third-party calendar app or camera app must ask permission.

@Scottisloud - very many thanks. Yes I did need to use vWorkspace for an old work client. I have stripped out all the QuestAgent system file entries. Is it possible for me to revoke any permissions that I may already have granted for QuestAgent? Many thanks for your excellent help.

System Preferences>Security & Privacy>Privacy

that will show you every category of information applications can request, and every application that has requested it. Un-checking a box revokes permission.