Question about icloud storage

Riddle me this…

I currently have 200 GB of iCloud storage.

I’m being told that I need to upgrade because I don’t have enough storage. That seems straightforward albeit they’ve jumping from 200GB to 2TB because they haven’t got anything in between!

The issue I have is that I’ve just changed my phone from an iPhone 11 to a 13 pro. When I check my storage there is a 42.6GB backup from my old phone. I’m not seeing a backup of my current phone (‘MGB’ in the current image) because there isn’t enough memory.

I’ve clearly uploaded all of the apps etc that I need as I’m currently using it. I’m assuming my iPhone 13 has been populated with the backup from my old iPhone 11.

My question is can I not delete the backup from my old phone thus saving in this case 42.6GB and giving myself back those 42.6GB to use for future backup rather than moving to 2 TB?


You are almost there.

If you want to delete the backup of your “old” iPhone, tap on “Marcus” (apparently the old iPhone, shown on your second screenshot), then tap on “Delete Backup”.

The backup will be deleted and the space will be available.

Disclaimer: you have to make sure that you really do not need the backup any more before deleting the backup.

Given that you already have checked that, you should be fine deleting the old backup and enabling backups on your new iPhone afterwards. (I am not sure, if you need to wait a bit before iCloud realizes that space is available again after the deletion.)