Question about passkeys

Do websites have to be updated support passkeys?

Yes, the front-end has to be updated to support the new registration and login flow, and the server needs to be able to authenticate the key.

Here’s a simple proof of concept (passkeys is webauthn): py_webauthn/examples at master · duo-labs/py_webauthn · GitHub


What Is WebAuthn? - YouTube

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Thanks, that’s what I expected. I would think it will take considerable time for this to be widely achieved.


I just discovered that this forum (Discourse) already supports them, but only for 2FA:

I see no way to activate it, without a external Keygenerator or an external app?

Preferences / Security / Manage Two-Factor Authentication / Add Security Key

(You need to have iCloud Keychain enabled on your Apple device)

PS: I already had a TOTP App enabled, so I don’t know whether Discourse requires this (as a backup?)