Question! Automate competition schedule entry (calendar)

hi all, I’ve just received my daughter’s game schedule for the 2018/2019 season. I’d like to put that in a workflow so I can parse the dates and have those put in their respective dates on the calendar. (or via fantastical)

anyone got a tip for that?

You might want to listen to episode 1 of Automators where @RosemaryOrchard explains to @MacSparky how she does that.

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If you listen to Automators episode 1 we have a scenario for exactly that! It’s also detailed on my blog complete with a screencast (the screencast details Numbers and Keyboard Maestro with Fantastical, but you could also use Workflow to replace KM).


You can find plenty of tips in the first episode of Automators podcast with @RosemaryOrchard and @MacSparky. Links to Workflow workflows are in the show notes.

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It’s a lively forum here. Three answers in two minutes :smile:.

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I should have known… :slight_smile:

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@JKoopmans to add to this, my sister is a volleyball player. I’d be interested in the workflow as well or what not. Part of it though is that the volleyball tournaments are multi-day for instance.

The workflow to parse the clipboard worked.
I’m going to adapt that one to accept email input.

Thanks @RosemaryOrchard

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