Question for anyone who still burns movies to DVD

I haven’t burned movies to DVD that will work on a standalone player for a while, but I have a situation that requires it. I used to do this with CloneDVD in Windows with great success and reasonable speed, but my license is apparently long expired, I can’t actually even find it, and I’d rather use the Mac then my old Win laptop. iDVD of course has been discontinued in recent Mac OSes. We have a 2009 2.26 GHz C2D MBP limited to El Cap, which means iDVD is present and “working” but took a staggering 2 1/2 days to reencode & burn a 77 minute MP4 file to standard MPEG2 format for DVD player use.

What software are you using on your Mac to burn DVD movies? (free of course is best, but paid if I must)
And once the MP4 is converted, are you using something else to duplicate?

Please note, I did not ask about converting DVD movies to MP4. So Handbrake does not apply here.

I use ‘Burn’ every week -
It’s quick to both encode and mp4 and burn, what used to take me 3+ hours using Toast now takes less than an hour. Had no complaints since switching.

Uninstalled Toast as Burn is that much better for my needs.