[Question] New Year's Font Sale

I wasn’t sure what the proper location for this would be. I landed on software since they are downloads for your computer.

One episode I don’t know when, they talked about a website where they go around the New Year’s to pick up fonts for super cheap. I was wondering if anyone could point me in that direction since my SO is looking to build up a font library for use in motion graphics freelance work.


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On January 1st or 2nd Comicraft has their annual New Year’s Day Font Sale in which they cut the price of each of their fonts, sometimes dramatically, down to the year (to $20.20 this January). A good deal on a large variety of comic-book and handwriting fonts.

There are plenty of online marketplaces that do bundles with quality fonts for super cheap. My favorite is DesignCuts - you can check their previous bundles to see the level of content that they somehow manages to sell with a full commerical license for $29/- .

Another extensive online marketplace is CreativeMarket.

Some of the smaller foundries also have good pricing and deals at times, but the big guys like Linotype, HFJ, Monotype et all are usually at a “pro” pricepoint. Google Fonts are remarkably useful at times, and if you have an Adobe CC subscription, you can use all their fonts too.

Lots of Black Friday sales… which you missed. But the only New Year’s sale I know of - and it’s pretty well known - is the one from ConiCraft. Andy Ihnatko has promoted this sale for many, many years and has apparently bought most of them, but who knows what he uses them for?

I own a number of commercial fonts, but over the years I’ve found myself gravitating to using either built-in ones (Lucida Grande and Seravek for reading), or free fonts (Merriweather, Lato, PT Sans, Noto Serif/Sans, Fira Code) for pleasurable writing or reading.

New font bundle dropped on DesignCuts today, quite a good variety.

Check it out!