Question on the use of WorkFlow

I have spend a great deal of time automating things on my Mac, but very little on the iOS platform. Now that I am using my iPad quite a bit more (just ordered a refurb 12” to supplement my 9.5” first gen iPad Pro), I have begun to dabble. I have had WorkFlow for a while but never actually played with it.

So, today I created my first two WorkFlow workflows (!).

My question is: how do you actually launch your workflows? As a newbie to this process, it seems to me that you launch the WorkFlow app and then double tap the appropriate workflow.

Is there a way to create a shortcut of some sort, so I could for instance have a folder on my Dock that has my most frequent workflows, which I could them tap to launch?

Thanks, and sorry for such an elementary question…I am just starting the process on iOS.

There are multiple options. You can set up a workflow to be launched from the workflow app, from a Today Widget, from the Apple Watch, or from an Action Extension (on the share sheet). To control where a workflow shows up, open the workflow and tap the gear con in the upper right-hand corner to open the settings. Down at the bottom of the setting screen you can choose whether it shows up as a widget, extension, and/or on the watch.

Indeed, it mostly depends on where you are going to use it. Watch I use for a couple very specific ones (inputting numbers measured), share sheet is a common one. Almost never directly from the app.

You can also create a homescreen link to launch it directly from your homescreen (surprisingly enough…) or you could you Launcher or Launch Centre Pro which will also allow such benefits as firing up a reminder at a specific time or location.

If you are using Drafts 5 (or Drafts 4) you can fire off a Workflow from an action.

The best way to fire off a Workflow very much depends upon ehat the Workflow does and what it expects as input.

When you are editing a Workflow, click the gear icon at the top right of the screen to see the built in options.image

Thanks. The process of creating the home screen link is a bit odd, but it works and that solves my issue.