Question re Universal Control: iPad Magic Keyboard Trackpad vs. Mac Magic Trackpad

I have what I think is a strange problem. Using Universal Control, if I grab files using my Magic Trackpad connected to my Mac and drop them in an app on my iPad (let’s say attachments to an e-mail, but this happens everywhere), everything works as you’d expect it.

If I do that same process with the trackpad in my iPad’s Magic Keyboard, it does not work. To be more explicit, If I scroll my iPad’s trackpad to the Mac desktop, grab some files, and (attempt to) drag them to the app in the iPad, it doesn’t work. As soon as my trackpad crosses the plane between my Mac’s display and the iPad, the files that I’d been dragging simply disappear from the trackpad.

Weirder yet, is that the process works fine the opposite way. I can drag files from my iPad to my Mac with either my iPad trackpad or my Mac trackpad and it works fine.

Have any of you seen this behavior?