Question regarding meeting invitation status between Exchange and iCloud calendars

Hi there, please excuse if this has been handled to death before, I haven’t really found an answer to this yet. I haven’t had this topic before, but currently I‘m getting more meeting invitations from Exchange to my private iCloud account and while I can add those events to my calendar just fine with all the details like participants and such, my status only shows a question mark and I haven’t found a way to signal the other participants that I accepted that invitation/meeting … which of course is not really ideal :smirk:.

Is there a way to do this with iCloud calendars? I have tried Fantastical (grandfathered version) and Calendar5, but did not find an option for this either. Would I have to use Exchange/Live Account for this to work?

Thanks for any idea or pointing me in the right direction :blush:

I do not know the answer, but I know that when I receive a Google meet invitation, on macOS 11.2.3, and accept it on an iCloud calendar, the sender does not receive my acceptance.

Thanks for the reply … so it doesn’t seem to only be the case with Exchange and/or iOS then :thinking:?!

Old topic, but stil valid. I have a client that can’t understand why this still doesn’t work. And I agree.

He has a Mac. Many of his clients and suppliers are using Exchange (they use the same system set up by the town municipality and since they all use Windows and Exchange they don’t care about others). When he gets invitation from those people there is always problems. The recipient don’t see his answers, he can’t see who else is invited, he can’t answer Yes or No on the invitation and so on…

I understand that Exchange is a proprietary system, but he doesn’t. He blames Apple for not being compatible with “everyone else” and it’s quite frustrating. However, he has a point and I understand the frustration.

He’s thinking to buy a PC to get rid of these problems. I really don’t want that to happen of course. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Will it be better if he use MS Outlook for Mac? Or what is the solution here?

For the record, this is not an Apple Calendar issue, this happens regularly with my Google Workspace Calendar and Exchange invitations from clients. I understand IT security policies allow employees to send invites but do not allow invitees to modify the event itself.