Quickest way to capture todos with Things 3 on iOS?

What is your quickest way to capture todos with Things 3 on iOS?

On iOS 15, I added a Things widget to the home screen that has a + symbol, but it has the downside that it shows also todos.

I wish I had just a + symbol to get to type the todo.

I’m not much of a voice person, I guess I could also use Siri in some way.

Create a shortcut and add a Shortcut widget on your homescreen.


Enable Siri support. “Hey, Siri, using Things, remind me to …”

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I have mixed succes with this most of the time, maybe because I’m dutch and it does not know what I mean with “Things”. I just tell Siri to: Remind me to … and then have Things import those items into the Inbox. This works perfect for me. It mainly happens when I’m driving and something comes up that I need to be reminded of later.


I turned on Type to Siri and then press Globe-S and type in “Add to Things Remember to get new glasses” and use it like the Control-Space on the Mac.