Quickly sending Outlook emails to Omnifocus

My work computer is a PC but I find Omnifocus indispensable for processing my email deluge for my law practice. Primarily, I process my tasks in OF on my iPhone but also use my iPad pro quite a bit. I wanted a quick way to send emails that required followup to OF. Add a “Quick Step” that has your OF email address. Makes it easy to go through dozens of emails and forward to OF for followup. I used to do this in Outlook but never really liked the process. OF is so much better. Quick%20Steps


Oooh! This is a great suggestion. I have to access my work email through Outlook on a PC so I end up forwarding emails to my OmniFocus mail drop a lot. Being able to do that with one click is a great upgrade.

If I can add another suggestion for folks in a similar situation, I’ve set Outlook to always show the BCC field so I can easily BCC something to my OmniFocus mail drop address when I send or reply to an email.

I use the same shortcut setup for sending emails to my task manager (from Win10 outlook). It makes processing so easy.