Radio in iTunes - still the best

I know iTunes is on life support, and probably will be scattered to the winds this fall, but I still very much enjoy finding radio stations to listen to via AirPlay around my house. It’s so much more convenient than going out to find individual websites. It’s a feature I will miss dearly. That and actually being able to crossfade songs in a playlist - really hoping that comes to iOS soon.

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They may not meet your needs, but there are dozens of radio apps in the app store. (Search radio apps)

I use Simple Radio to tune in a couple jazz stations — a bare bones app. TuneIn Pro is another flashier possibility.

For the Mac iTunes Radio is okay but I’ve migrated to apps. On the Mac, if I want to choose from hundreds of radio stations (thousands maybe?) around the world, I use the free Zapping Radio app in the Mac App Store. (There’s also a Pro version for $4.99 but I’ve never felt the need to check it out.)

I’m also a fan of underground/alternative SomaFM (which is on iTunes Radio, streams on the web, and has a free Mac app and a sometimes-free iOS app). Someone even put on Github a free SomaFM miniplayer menubar app.

I also have a host of iOS-specific radio apps, but this post is long enough.

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Really great suggestions - I’m also a big Soma fan - often put on Drone Zone around the house

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Love the suggestions - I’ll definitely check them out - one thing I’d say is that the simpler built in AirPlay options in iTunes are a bonus - I haven’t seen that in other apps. I don’t think there’s another built in way, aside from using something like AirFoil, to output to a mix of multiple AirPlay 1 and 2 speakers.

I cast from SomaFM’s iOS app and Instaradio (which I should have mentioned before - it’s actually my main radio app on iOS and Mac) right from the iOS lock screen - very simple:

If I ever want to cast anything from the Mac I’ll use Rogue Amoeba’s AirFoil app.

Oh, by the way, do check out InstaRadio on Mac and iOS:

Right - I sometimes do that - I usually like to keep music going a lot of the day from a Mac on my kitchen counter that I can breeze past occasionally and change if I want - mostly so I can keep my audio options open on my phone. I do have Airfoil also, and I’ve used it from time to time - but the simplicity of not having to start any extra software always brings me back to iTunes for my purposes.

Drone Zone is often running in the background while I work, really great station!