Rainfall, Precipitation, Rainfall...make a choice Apple!

One little annoyance is Apple’s weather app constantly switching between using the term Rainfall and Precipitation. Has anyone else noticed that this is not consistent and constantly changes?



Strictly technically speaking, not all precipitation is rainfall, as drizzle, snow, hail etc., is also considered precipitation. It would make sense for the section always to be called precipitation, with specifics as to what sort of precipitation occurred (or is forecast) in the reports and forecast below.


According to the all knowing AI, “ In a weather app, precipitation might be used to describe the type of moisture expected, while rainfall would likely refer to the quantity of rain expected or the intensity of a rain event.” :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not a fan of Apple’s weather app but @dario is correct, “not all precipitation is rainfall”.

So is the description supposed to change by design? Does it change to snow and hail, etc?

This morning it was precipitation and now it’s back to rainfall:

I have no idea. I just assume it will be some form of “wet.” :rofl:

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Or perhaps maybe hard?

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Not an expert but based on other’s input and looking at your screenshots, Precipitation shows 0mm while Rainfall shows 13mm. Maybe, I’m guessing, there is a difference there? :man_shrugging:

It changes on me from one hour to the next. It’s quite silly. It’s the middle of summer and the temps are in the 90s. No way it thinks there is snow or sleet on the way :joy: