Random Thoughts - Password Managers (1Password 8, Strongbox, KeePassXC)

Cross Platform to Windows is a huge advantage to me. I (unfortunately) have to use a Windows PC for work, and being able to bring my Passwords along is non negotiable. I’ve not looked around, but for the £4 a month it costs me for the family plan on 1Password I’m not going to get a better deal with a company I trust to look after my passwords.

OK, but seriously, how many passwords do you really share between Apple and Windows?
The normal use case seems to be more like, that those who use both Apple and Windows are doing so, because their job is forcing them to do so.
And how many passwords do you share, between a job application, and the private use?
Windows has its own password manager, so, even if you really use the same password on both systems, it seems to be rather easy, to put it in one time manually, on the other system.
I don´t want to convince anybody to use the one, or the other app, but I think at least a couple of those users, who think they really “need” a crossplattform password manager, may think again about that, and save a couple of bucks, every month.

Right now I’m mac and iOS only but I’ve been cross platform my entire life. That is, whenever possible, I’ve always selected the hardware and software that, IMO, are the best available for the job. I like having options.

At the moment I’m looking at roughly $3500 of Apple gear. Fortunately I have enough left over to spend 10 cents a day on a good password manager. :grinning:

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OK, but under which rare circumstance can a Windows-System be involved in that case…:joy: :rofl:

I would like to offer this summary of the thread so far…

People have different needs, wants, and experiences. That means some people like 1Password and some don’t.

If you think the existence of haters means there is something ‘rotten’ inside, then consider the number of Apple haters. Collective experience matters, and if it’s all bad then that is a pretty strong sign. Above there are people in all positions on 1Password.

Let’s move on to the pronunciation of GIF and tomato.


Between professional development, professional research and many other things. It’s a 100% need. I’m firmly Apple personally, and work is firmly WIndows, and for many companies that will continue to be the case for a period at least.

That is not the point!
The relevant question is not, if somebody uses Apple for their personal stuff, and Windows work related.
The question is, how many passwords are shared between work applications and personal applications.
And that will be, today, in most cases just Zero, or a handful.
So, if somebody is not really sharing his/her passwords between different platforms, why is he/she in need for a password manager to do so?

That might be true if you have a strict separation between personal and professional life, but not everybody can (or wants to) achieve that, so you may end up with many passwords that you need/use in both contexts.

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1PW user until recently. Unix and Windows at work. Mac and iOS at home and in my pocket. All passwords stored in my personal 1PW app and synced between Mac and iPhone via 1PW’s WiFi server on the Mac. At home I could copy and paste passwords on the Mac. At work I looked them up in 1PW on my iPhone and simply typed them.

This would have continued to work after switching to the Strongbox app, but I don’t have to use the work systems anymore. :slightly_smiling_face:

For personal use, I think the ChromeOS support is at least as valuable as the Windows support. Would guess more families have a Chromebook or two lying around if they are a predominantly Mac-based household. For mobile, the Android support is obviously critical.

(I personally have six OSes in the house counting desktop and mobile, but I understand the point was a general one.)

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I obviously expressed it badly as this is what I was trying to say. I professionally use (this is my career which crosses over between my job and my career) passwords across both areas on a daily basis. Whether that’s for personal development, for professional or sector learnings, for knowledge management… Not all career activity is limit to work scenarios.

Anything which is Job specific uses my work email address, anything career specific uses a personal professional email address and anything personal uses my personal address.

If you use it this way, use it this way!
I am not advocating the one or the other way around!
A lot of companys today have very restrict rules, that prohibit the use of personal stuff on the companys machines, and vice versa.
That does not mean, that this is the same situation for everybody in the world!
If you like to use, or if you are in need to, one app, or another, do so!
I only wanted to express my thoughts, that today often the use of an crossplattform app might be not necessary under all conditions, as often the user is not really analysing his/her situation, but doing something in a particular way, because it is always been done like that, and therefore he/she could maybe switch to a cheaper, and more secure, version.

For me, I need all of my passwords on Windows and iOS. My work provides a low-end Dell laptop, but also allows me to enroll personal devices for business use.

This allows me the flexibility to use my iPad Pro for work tasks when that is more appropriate, practical and/or convenient. They are just computers after all…

1Password Families is my main item. It allows my wife and me to keep our passwords separate (about 500 each) but still get to the others passwords when needed.

Works well across MacOS, iPadOS, iOS, and Windows.

Securely stores other info like credit cards, drivers licenses, bank accounts, software licenses, and wireless passwords.

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