Random weird WI-FI disconnects

10 days ago in the middle of a facilitating a workshop, M1 13” MBP suffered a WI-FI disconnect. I had even rebooted the machine the previous night in an attempt to give it a fresh start. A few days ago it happened while attempting to call curl from an AppleScript.

More frequently if my MBP and iPad are near each other one or the other will disconnect. Yesterday, both of them disconnect at the same time. This is anywhere from annoying to seriously not fun. Does anyone know what is going on? How to fix?

I would look for sources of WiFi interference, though they may be next to impossible to find. Microwave ovens are a common source of disruptive interference for WiFi networks, as are neighbouring WiFi networks.

What kind of WiFi network are you using? (Do you have to set the channels manually?)

I’ve had similar issues since updating to Ventura, but I had not seen anyone else mentioning it. A couple of times a reboot didn’t fix it and had to restart the router. Seems very random. It’s happened only 4-5 times.

So, no solution, but I feel your pain.

I’ve had similar issues and haven’t found a solution except to reboot. For what it’s worth, I also have similar disconnects on ethernet on my Mac Studio, which are fixed only by rebooting. Seems like it must be a macOS issue.

There seem to be substantial M1 Wi-Fi issues. UCLA is dealing with widespread, large scale WiFi issues with M1 macs and whatever enterprise scale networking hardware they employ - there are some odd suggestions for workarounds here Status Records - UCLA Status

The router is a SAGECOM Fast 5566 - aka Bell Home Hub 3000. I assume (although I can’t prove) it is WiFi 6. We have one additional SAGECOM Mesh element plugged in. The problems happen all over the house and we almost never use the microwave. When the network works (99% of the time) the performance is rock solid. Since my wife’s Carbon X1 never suffers this I assume the problem is MacOS/iOS.

It is very strange that having the iPad and MBP near each other causes this to happen more often.

FWIW I had this before Ventura, I just ignored it.

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I’m on a 2017 Intel MBP. Might be a hardware issue on my part that just happened to coincide with the release of Ventura.

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I’ve been having this issue since Ventura as well. M1Pro chip.

If ever I’m presenting, I’ll try to use a wired connection if possible. Even when rock solid, wifi can have hiccups whereas wired tends to be much more reliable. Not always possible to do this though.

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The issue I have a slightly different. After disconnection from the wifi, I found that I cannot rejoin it There is some sort of error saying , this wifi cannot be connected (cannot remember exact wordings) .I fixed that by ‘forgetting’ the SSID and start again. It would work for a couple of days, then repeats again.

I suspect the issue is on the router side in this case

Well I’m glad to see all the responses. Solution, no. However I don’t feel so alone now.