Rant: My Airpods Pro 2 will take weeks longer because of the memoji!

When I preordered on friday I was so stressed out due to the timeouts and server problems, that I didn’t take the time to check - so I just accepted the 10/10 delivery date. It never even occured to me that I could have received them on the release date without the customization!

So today I thought to myself “well, if it was 10/10 half an hour into the preordering - I wonder what it will be now?”.
27/9 for uncustomized. :annoyed-grunt:
And if I select a generic emoji instead of my memoji, I would get it on day 1 even if I ordered today…

I won’t, though. Now that the idea of my memoji on the case exists in my mind I SHALL HAVE THEM!

I ordered within minutes of the app store coming back online and my engraved AirPods Pro 2 are arriving 30th, just checked can still order without engraving and get them delivered on the 23rd!

Number of times I’ve thought about cancelling my first order and just going plain.

In a way I understand that there is a delay since they presumably have to add a step quite early in the packing process, but… Over two weeks?

I ordered with just lettering on day one, though not particularly early. The ship date slipped from 23 September to 29 September when I added the customisation.