RANT - Office 365 - for Pete's Sake

I have never in my 30 years of computing hit such utter frustration as when I attempt to use Microsoft Office 365. Not only is there no simple way to do anything, but it has 15 billion gazillion settings and the one you’re looking at is likely not the one that’ll fix your problem. The term Microsoft help is an oxymoron. You need to be able to delve deep in Azure and powershell. Why for pete’s sake would anyone create such an unmanageable monster!? Even worse, why am I using it?!

(rant over)


Stop then :slight_smile:
I’m a happy user of it.


I can’t, my organisation uses it!

I think it’s better than iWork :hear_no_evil:


I hate it. Especially how it tries to force you to use their cloud. Especially on iPad.

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“They” say that 90% of the people who use Microsoft Office only use 10% of its features. But not the same 10%. And MS power users love powershell. It’s all you need to run a Windows server.

The Windows GUI has been an option on Windows Server since 2008.


IMO, it’s like taxes. If you are in business you can only avoid it for so long.

I’m just curious… what are you trying to achieve with Office365 that forces you to use Azure?

My institution adds a barrier that won’t let me copy more than 500 characters into or out of Microsoft products on iPad. I can do it on the Mac, just not the iPad. I prefer to use the iPad for most things, though. It’s a bit frustrating.

I’m using it, too.
Another year, than my last prepaid coupon is used up, and this monster will leave my systems…
And the “usage” looks like, I open once in a while a special Excel-Calculation, that’s it.
I work primarily with the Works-Suite, and try to change toward Ulysses, for writing purposes, as Pages is sometimes driving me nuts with its weird behaviour regarding formatting of my letters.

I avoid using Office 365 unless there is no way to get around it. I normally use Gsuite for 90% of the simple tasks but will go to Pages/Numbers/Keynotes (still learning) if I want a pretty output.

I have to use it at work and I’m “meh” about it, It gets the job done for me. What I am completely flummoxed by, however, are the various ways to spell check! How can it be different app to app?
One is right click, one is left click, and I think one is simply hover? (I’ll check today and report back!)

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Gsuite, seriously?

As someone in a very large org that went with Google Workspace, NOT ONE PERSON I have talked to has liked the transition. Not one! I was so excited to try out Google Workspace only to be so disappointed.

Office 2021 LTSC is so vastly superior to Google Workspace in almost every. Single. Way.


One key rules them all: F7.


That’s what I was going to say.

I love office.

[pro-tip: shift + f7 is thesaurus]


Our organization switched from G Suite (Workspace) to Microsoft, it’s a nightmare of a transition. E-mail transfers were a disaster. I am someone who heavily relies on the labels and archive features of Workspace. Upon opening Outlook and talking with the administrators, they had no solution for me, other than ‘sorry’. My usage of Office has decreased to only Excel, I could probably try to figure it out in Numbers. But all of my formulas, expenses, taxes, etc are configured. I just run the program when it’s time to do my taxes and that’s it. But yes, I don’t like Microsoft.

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Give Libre Office a try all the features of Office but many fewer headaches

As a part-time writer I need to exchange docs with editors and publishers and Word is just the standard. I tried exporting from Pages to docx and it is possible but cumbersome. And it doesn’t always work flawlessly. Especially with markups etc. I don’t want to make an unprofessional impression, so I go with Word. But I only use at the very last step to send it out and than for markup/further editing in exchange with the editor.

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At my last company Excel users and LibreOffice users had zero problems exchanging documents. But I never found any non Microsoft program that could export to Word perfectly. Or open a complex Word document correctly.

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This is a key point. I’ve used features in my academic work that I never used in my couple of decades in project management and would have said are irrelevant. There is an argument for using a more specialist tool or basic tool, but Office meets most needs across an organisation and IT teams rarely want to support a dozen niche and personally wonderful products when one will be ‘good enough’ and can be secured in line with organisational policies.

The biggest headaches for me are weird and wonderful organisational policies that are applied to Office365 - like having to do two factor authentication every single day and limits on sharing - but that’s not down to Microsoft as such.

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Yes, that is driving me bonkers at the moment. My org just enabled some DRM mechanism that now encrypts any attachments and only the recipients listed in the original email can view them. Yes, there are a few valid scenarios where this is a good idea, but as the default setting, with no option for a user to change it, that’s just wrong.

Moreover - as I do have an account on my client’s system, the workaround is now as follows:

  1. email documents to myself,
  2. open it on the client end,
  3. create a new document in PowerPoint (or whatever Office format),
  4. open my attachment
  5. select all content
  6. copy - paste into the newly created document with “keep source formatting” option enabled.
  7. Distribute or publish at client’s network.

Madness. Not to mention this breaks one of the main reasons for using Office, the great collaborative review, comment and track-change features.

Glad our internal IT are keeping us safe :slight_smile: (again, this not ranting against O365, just our paranoid implementation of some key collaboration settings.)