Re-mapping "drag window" to a 4-finger swipe

Hi, first time long time!

Problem: I want to use a 3-finger swipe to move between desktops and a 4-finger swipe to drag windows around. MacOS seems to only allow the reverse - I’ve tried to remap my brain but it’s old and creaky and refuses to play along.

Settings / Trackpad / More Gestures allows a 3 or 4 finger swipe to move desktops, but…
Accessibility / Trackpad Options allows only a 3 finger swipe to drag.
My monitor setup is wide enough that the 1-finger click and hold drag doesn’t let me get all the way across with a single gesture… It’s ok to move windows around with drag/drop/reset/drag/drop/reset, etc. but trying to drop a file in Messages or something like that is incredibly awkward.

M1Macbook Air
Built in touchpad and Apple Magic Touchpad (most recent generation)
All software and OS fully up to date.

I’ve got Better Touch Tools installed, but can’t figure out a complete solution :frowning:
Best option would be having 4-finger swipe move windows around. Second best some kind of CMD/OPTION/CONTROL key combo that would hold the cursor down until released.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

My workaround was to click and hold with my thumb, then use multiple strokes of my index finger to move a window/folder etc to the desired location. It looked silly but worked well on smaller laptop trackpads. :grinning: It should work with big monitors.

@WayneG - that’s kind of what I was doing, but I can feel the RSI coming on strong!

I understand. Some years ago I started switching between a mouse and a trackpad as needed to relieve the discomfort. Eventually I learned to use both with either hand.

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