Read it Later vs Saved Links

I’ve always saved read-later links easily and nearly thoughtlessly but the problem with that was I then ended up with a massive pile of undifferentiated important and unimportant articles.

However, lately I’ve been pretty good about reviewing articles on Saturdays and Sundays. I categorize them as I go.

  • Some articles are really important. I read and act on those then and there.
  • Others are possibly interesting, of the ilk “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Star Trek!” I either read those on the spot, or leave them in my to-be-read list for later.
  • Some are articles that would have been interesting soon after I bookmarked them, but are now out-of-date. Like, for example, a Fortnite vs. Apple update from this morning – there will be more current news on the subject by the weekend. I delete those.
  • “Why on Earth did I think this was worth saving? What was I thinking?” Delete!

After a few minutes of that I will have read everything that needs reading, deleted what’s unnecessary, and what’s left are articles which might be interesting, but which I can just skip reading without any harm, and will still be interesting next month or next year. I tag those articles “archive,” and I’m ready to start fresh for the next week.

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I have declared Pocket bankruptcy and started afresh more times than I care to admit. If it’s really important, it goes into DEVONthink or Bear.

After reading through everyone’s replies I’ve come to think the answer really is both:

  • Eagerly save links
  • Review weekly (or at least more frequently than I currently do…maybe once every 2 years :slight_smile: )

+1 for Devonthink for a Read It Later Service - not only for bookmarks but also for RSS feeds

It makes sense because Devonthink can help organize/store/search so many other things, you wind up coming back to bookmarks because they are part of your overall information/data collection

And it makes sense because you own your data - no need to worry about stuff stored somewhere in the cloud in a proprietary system that might disappear sometime

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@TheMarty I think this is going to be a new growth area in the next couple of years. Bookmark management software is stale and there are new up and comers with innovative functionality looking to move tech-forward in this area.

Memex is one of those comings as is Walling

Memex released an IOS app Mem Go. This IOS app is in the early days and a bit rough eg. Syncing takes a good 30 minutes with several hurdles to jump, but in their defense, it is still in the Beta release so still needs proper incubation time.

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