Readdle Calendar 5

Started messing around with Calendar 5.

Your experience with Readdle’s app…

Crafty moves… ?

Wrote this on a Fantastical thread… Fits better here.


  • natural language
  • layout in daily mode (ipad)
  • price
  • map integration
  • task list
  • recurring events
  • works split screen
  • drag and drop

I wonder if they will roll out a new version for iOS 12.

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I’ve used it a bit. I like the week view on the iPad and the day view on the iPhone. I’ve ended up shifting away from it because the app seems slow to launch. I often want to pop open my calendar for a quick peek, so perhaps more than other apps, any time spent staring at a splash screen is a big negative.

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Similar issues drove me from Readdle’s PDF Expert and Spark.

I couldn’t deal with the slow transitions between views - it wouldn’t slide, rather would fade in/out and reveal a new view. I like having scrollable views that help with continuity.

I just use Calendar 5 for the nice overview in the Lockscreen. Nearly never open the app itself.

I think it’s pretty good, especially in comparison to some, ehm, overhyped competition. What I like about is overall a good overview - for some reason I don’t feel overwhelmed with a mess which is my calendar (work, several private ones) even on an iPhone in the week and month view. Speed is not an issue on my iPad 2018 and iPhone 8+.

Speed not a problem here 10.5 iPad, iOS 11.4.1, & Calendar 5.11.9

Edited after thinking about… Splash screen is 1 - 2 seconds. Not currently an irritation for me.