Readwise is building its own reading app

Some potentially cool news from Readwise about their reader app just made its way to my inbox.

Lots of positive bullet points in terms of their design philosophy, but my favorite is:

  • It embeds powerful workflows to help you conquer content overload — one of the most acute pain points of read-it-later power users.

Also, this might interest just a few of you…

It connects seamlessly with all your other tools for thought such as Roam Research, Notion, Evernote, and Obsidian.

I’m a big fan of Readwise and am excited to learn more!



they’re taking on PDFs

Please be good! Save us!!

To save everyone else the searching I just did, here’s the link to the waitlist:


I’m really excited for this! A one-stop-shop for read-it-later sounds really nice. As long as it’s not completely focused on power user, markdown everything, etc. I’ll be happy (and they said they’ll make it work for many types of users, so I’m optimistic).

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I am looking forward to the ability to highlight paragraphs on websites. I hope they have a browser extension like Liner. I like Liner except for their incessant promotion and advertisement to upgrade.

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Can’t already do this? (And it is also integrated with Readwise)

I don’t think about this. Will take a look. Thank you.

What sorts of things do you use it for? I think this new app will tempt me to try it out.

Thanks! I’m also a big fan of Readwise, only of only a few apps/services I’m willing to pay a subscription for! I just signed up for early access.


Great news! I’m really looking forward to checking out Readwise Reader and just signed up to be notified about their private beta.

Overall, I’m a big fan of Readwise. Most notably, I’m more motivated to read books knowing that I’ll have easy access to passages that I highlight. I think Readwise Reader has the potential to elevate my reading practices for other forms of content, including articles in blog posts in PDFs.

Great question @jaketheo. I use Readwise to capture quotes from books (mostly kindle), newsletters, or websites that I want to see again.

I have Readwise set to send me an email delivered several times a week with a handful of those quotes and I’m delighted to read something that I may have forgotten about.

The bonus feature is that there’s nearly always a quote or blurb that is totally appropriate and helpful for the mood/issue/challenge/celebration fo that particularly day. @MacSparky talked quite a bit about the app on MPU and once I tried I was happy to subscribe!


I concur with @Joe_M. Like Joe, I read a lot of Kindle books that are extensively highlighted. One can also send a PDF with highlights to Readwise and have those highlights show up, though, I am having trouble with this feature. I also capture some of the “Your Daily Readwise” and import them to a research folder for future articles and books I’m working on. Here is a sample from today’s email:

If you do a lot of reading and annotating and want your highlights to resurface, Readwise can’t be beat.


That’s an interesting idea! It’s like a personalised newsletter just for you. You’ve piqued my interest.

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So say we all.

Some day, some app is going to come along, do great OCR/text extraction of PDFs, even two-column PDFs from print journals who still insist on doing that, and make them easier to read on the iPhone, or anywhere, and it will be glorious.


I use Readwise every day to remind me of quotes and resurface ideas that I’ve highlighted. I find it extremely helpful as an incubator of items that I know are important to me but weren’t actionable yet… Many times because I wouldn’t have even have known how to categorize them. I use it for quotes from fiction, articles, poetry, even song lyrics.

The only issue I’ve had with Readwise is that the subscription cost seemed a little high for the service. If they can increase their service offering without significantly increasing the cost, I’ll be a user for life.

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I use Readwise every day and am already super excited about it’s Obsidian integration. I wonder if this new app will be part of the existing service or if it will be charged on top of it. Does anyone know?

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Does the new app also require to upload the pfds to Readwise? No local highlighting and exporting the highlights if I understand correctly?

I’m wondering whether anyone has been invited to participate in the private Beta?

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twenty characters

I’m eagerly awaiting my invite… :blush: