Really old Mac lives again

So we’ve got an old Powerbook 180 circa 1992. Can’t remember whether I had moved files off it or not so decided to get it working. It dDidn’t boot initially but once we pulled out the battery I can run it on the power adapter. Still boots, a lot of stuff there in old Claris formats. Going through it now to see what’s on it. So far I’ve already found some files that I have the descendants of that have already been migrated through the years and are now in Libre Office.

Kinda neat getting the old gear up and running.


Can you share some pics? Really interested how that machine looks working.

Before boot up

It’s Alive!

System Info

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Be still, my heart. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


You know, once our stuff is off it if you want it I think that could be arranged…

Just sayin’

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Also have one that works!!