Really weird Ulysses callback URL crashing problem

Well, this is really weird. Below is what I just sent to Ulysses support (the video is too large to upload to Discourse):

I’ve run into a strange problem. When I click on an Ulysses callback URL it crashes Ulysses on my iPad and iPhone. This does not happen on the MBP.

I have checked all iCloud settings. They are correct. Everything on all three devices sync. I have rebooted the iPhone and the iPad. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Ulysses on the iPad. I have not been able to resolve the issue.

I have attached a recording. NOTE: this is weird but if I do a screen recording directly from the iPad using the screen recording function, the Ulysses URL works and does not crash. BUT, if I don’t record directly from the iPad using the screen recording function it does crash. So, I used my iPhone to record the crash on the iPad. It takes about 13 seconds.

Has anyone else run into the callback URL crashing problem?