Recent MacSparky Interview on Nick Milo's LVT Show on Obsidian - looking for URL

Would someone help me please locate a recent show David was on? I only got to see a portion of it.

Thank you

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Is this it?

ah!! you made my day thank you SO much.

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Actually this isn’t the one. Nick Milo invited David Sparks to a video interview last week and David covered in detail how he’s using Obsidian and showed his screen. Lots of good tips on organization.

That’s the one I’m looking for!!

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I got an email from Nick Milo saying that he’s going to have the links posted a bit later on Youtube:

PS: All of these sessions will be posted to Youtube, but we’re in the middle of
gearing up for the next big LYT Workshop (https://www.linkingyourthink, and we always touch up the recordings and add helpful timestamps,
so it won’t be until next week that they start to get uploaded. Thanks for your
patience :slight_smile:


Thank you very helpful. Appreciate the post.