Recents Folder not updating

What files should be showing up in “Recents”?

I thought that new files that were downloaded would show up in that folder. At least it was doing that in Sierra. I recently upgraded from Sierra to Mojave.

Has the behavior changed or am I not recalling correctly?

Going back to OS X Leopard, I don’t recall downloaded files ever being in my Recents. (But they’re in my browser’s Downloads menu) For me it has always consisted of opened applications, documents and servers. So, for example, a screenshot never appears in Recents, but it will appear if I’ve opened it after creating it (and so will the app I used to open it.)

Funny thing is, I do know people who told me that newly created files did appear for them in Sierra, but that the functionality disappeared in High Sierra. So … :man_shrugging:


After I use the CMD+Shift+4 shortcut, those screenshots are saved to desktop and show up in recents.

The only screenshot key-command I have is engeged is for manually selecting the screenshot area and then doing markup (Shift-Command-5), and that does not add anything to my Recents. (I use my multiple-clipboard app for copying selected screen areas to the clipboard.)