Recommend an iOS image editor for my needs

There don’t seem to have been any photo editing discussions for a while so…
I’m after a Photoshop type app. My main tasks are actually more images generally - add text to images, combine images, remove background, change colours, apply effects. More for graphics (often to be used in video) than for in depth photo correction and enhancing to produce professional photos. This means that bulk processing is not expected to be an issue.

Whilst simple is good, I am also geeky so I like to learn the most popular apps of the day (Affinity, Pixelmator).

I was really impressed the other day when we used iMovie on the iPad and it was faster than on my Mac! So I’m hoping to start doing more and more graphics stuff on the iPad generally.

Any thoughts?

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I find Affinity Photo to be the most Photoshop like on the iPad when compared to Pixelmator. I have both of these apps and if you are trying to apply effects using layers then Affinity is the most like Photoshop in that sense. There is learning curve to using it (just as there is with Photoshop on the Mac/PC) but it is a very capable app. If I am doing quick and simple edits to photos (cropping, colour corrections, etc.) then I find Pixelmator better for those tasks as it feels less complex and involved for applying one edit/effect to a picture.

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I’m not wedded to Photoshop style interface - I’m open to different ways of doing things.

I’ve collected quite a few iOS photo editing apps over the years (way too many!), but here’s a short list to experiment with:



If you want a desktop quality raster image editor, get Affinty Photo. It has a full range of tools including layer masks and a pen tool, and it has a bunch of effects and layer styles. It can also import and edit SVG and PDF files.

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I’ll second (third?) Affinity Photo. It is not only very capable (Photoshop class for sure), but also very performant. And it is 100% compatible with the Mac and Windows versions, and with the other apps in the Affinity Suite. Currently you can also get Designer on iPad and the files from both can be opened in the other — the only difference is the toolset you have. Coming soon…ish… will be Affinity Publisher and that is ALSO 100% compatible and interoperable.

So… just want a Photoshop-like (in capability) app on iPad? Affinity Photo is a great choice. But if you have any thought on those interoperabilities, either cross platform or cross app or both, then it’s a no brainer in my view.

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I have numerous photo apps. Procreate is awesome for both the beginner and the professional. There is a free manual in Apple’s bookstore. Also you can find countless how-tos on YouTube. I have been taking photos for quite some time and REALLY appreciate this app. I basically stopped using the other apps. And the last time I checked it had a flat rate of $10!

Let us know how you do. And I’ll be happy to help whichever one you select!

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I didn’t realise Procreate would fit the Bill, will definitely try that.

I think I’ll also try Affinity.

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I love it! You can’t beat the price. Just learn as you go. Let me know how you like it, ok?

Besides, you said after a certain point you’d enjoy a challenge. Procreate can provide that. They use layers which are terrific once you get used to them.

Let me know if you like Affinity. I love apps, especially photo apps.

You know what, you might want to process your photos in Apple’s Photo app first which is very capable, straightforward and keeps improving. I might pop a photo into Pixelmator Photo if there is something I cannot figure out how to do in Photos.

I was using Hash Photos for tags (on some photos) but with Photos new captions capability for the iPad I probably won’t use it as much.

These apps sort of overlap on what they can do. Also any photo precious to me I duplicate before I do anything. Then I keep it like that. The Cloud space is so inexpensive.

Now you can add captions to your photos in Photos which for me makes so much of a difference. I’m going to label the originals in the photos I cherish.

Then I head over to Procreate. And the fun begins! I do digital scrapbooking a lot. I use to buy a lot of regular scrapbooking stuff but I wasn’t using it all that much. I was having so much fun buying all the beautiful papers, small machines, markers. You name it!

With the digital, I can reuse digital designs and I find I get considerably more done with some amazing results at times. I’m spending a lot less money.

You can start a page with one or more photos and maybe just simply add an explanation, description and that will give the photos more depth so to speak, poems, quotes… whatever you’d like. Or go all out… I don’t really plan anything but it comes together.

I get the beautiful digital graphics at (They’ll sell to guys too!) I buy during sales.

Lots of luck, Davey Gravy!

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