Recommend batch photo processing app?

I’m looking for a macOS app that will allow me to process photos in batches. Here’s my wish list:

  • I can point it at a folder.
  • It will examine each photo in the folder. If the photo is in portrait mode, it will resize it to dimensions (h x w) that I specify. If it’s in landscape mode, I can specify different dimensions.
  • It will remove all metadata if I specify it.
  • It will convert the files from HEIC format to JPEG if I specify it.

An added bonus would be if I could tell it to rename each file using a numbered pattern I specify like “vacation_nn” where nn = 01, 02, etc. and auto-increments.

Is there an app that will do these things? Thanks and happy holidays to everyone!

Photo Mechanic can definitely do the metadata editing and file renaming. I done;t know whether you can automate the other parts - scripting (which I think you’d need) isn’t my strong point, sorry

I’d look at Retrobatch - - it can take all the actions you describe, but you might (not sure) need something else to filter the files.


Brett Terpstra has this on his website that can do at least some of this. It is actually a Hazel rule but if you don’t use Hazel you could convert it to a command line script. You would need to install ImageMagick using HomeBrew or MacPorts.