Recommendation for a "dumb" drive docking station?

Running Catalina, new 2018 Mac Mini (“new” as of 2 months ago), and I have a BlackX docking station (older version of -> that’s acting flaky.

Long story short, I used to use this docking station on an older computer, and it’s been sitting in my closet. I had a Seagate 4TB external fail last night, so I shucked the drive and removed the electronics. Then I plugged the drive into the BlackX, along with another hard drive that I used to use for backups. I’m getting occasional “this drive was not ejected properly” on both drives simultaneously, so I figure it’s most likely the dock as I know the other (non-Seagate) drive was in great shape last time I used it.

So I’m looking for a different dock. At least two drives, ideally - the ability to add more might be nice. I don’t think I need a NAS or Drobo or anything weird like that, as I can back up anything that’s direct-attached to my Backblaze.

Any recommendations?

OWC’s model offers a 2-year warranty. (Get a 3rd year if you use the right credit card that offers warranty extension.) But it’s more than twice the price of the model you linked to.

Any personal experience with it? I know that usually OWC is good, and that money wouldn’t be out of the question if the thing “just works”.

No personal experience but their warranty, and their usual 30-day return policy (check, it depends on the item sold) makes me comfortable suggesting it.

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I’ve used several of their enclosures over the year, and am a big fan


FWIW, I’ve had several of the Thermaltake BlacX models and they’ve all been flaky, and if I had to do it over again I’d go with OWC’s.

That’s great to know that it’s not just my unit. :slight_smile: Thanks TJ!

I’ve used a previous TB2 version of this, no issues.