Recommendation for Timeline/gant chart application?

I would appreciate recommendations for a basic timeline/gant chart type of application that is not overly complex and that ideally will integrate with either OmniFocus or Things 3. NOTE: I would prefer to continue using Things 3 but IF the application is compelling and will integrate with OF, I’d consider moving back to OF.

I am NOT a project manager but I do manage a lot of projects across teams and departments but only at a high level. I do not deal with resources, etc. Accordingly, I need a relatively simple way to visualize and modify projects across time and adjust them as needed.

Preferences but not requirements:

  1. An application rather than web-based
  2. Integrates with either OF or Things 3 (back and forth updates between the two apps)
  3. A reasonable purchase price or subscription. By reasonable I mean a purchase price of $300 or less or an annual subscription of no more than $100.
  4. Ability to export in several formats

Ideas? I found this site rating applications but as you can see based on who wrote it that though helpful, is not entirely objective.


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I would think OmniPlan is what you are looking for (but I don’t use it, however I should be worth checking out). I should think it integrates with OmniFocus, as I should think not of a lot of external solutions integrate with Things.

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I was thinking that as well but I was not able to find information in their knowledge base. I have emailed them with that very question. :slight_smile:

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Have a look at Aeon Timeline - it’s not too expensive (and is available in Setapp, if that helps). It provides a good range fo ways to organise and visualise your data. Not integrated with Things or OF, unfortunately.

OmniPlan is very good, but might be overkill - and isn’t cheap; it doesn’t really integrate with OmniFocus either (you can use Omni’s scripting features to make that work but I suspect you’re not looking for a coding challenge).

I’ve always used OmniPlan for this, and can’t fault it at all. It’s intuitive, powerful and beautiful - a great app on desktop and mobile.