Recommendation: Learning to type, or to use a new keyboard

I’ve been using the program Epistory to familiarize my fingers with my new ergonomic keyboard. It’s a fun game, that teaches you typing, but in a novel way. To activate things in the world, or kill bugs, or open treasure chests, you type words that float above them. You use home row keys to ride your fox around. The graphics are great too.
The game supports several layouts including QWERTY, Dovarak, QWERTZ, etc.

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What’s your keyboard model?

A Keyboardio M01.
It has lots of cool features and plugins such as SpaceCadet that allows a key to have two meanings based on if it’s tapped or held down. Now if I tap left shift, it is ( if I hold it, it is shift. Same with right. I write a fair amount of code, so one finger rather than two for parens will reduce finger strain a small amount. I’ll probably assign a couple for braces and brackets too.

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Very nice. Thanks for the tip!

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Nice idea. I might try something like that using BetterTouchTool.
I’d already set tapping CapsLock to change language as I use that more. Reassigning shift and command for braces could be great.


Just following up on myself: I have now assigned command and option on left to open brackets and braces respectively, with command and option the right closing them.
The shortcuts only work in Chrome and Xcode (by choice) and only if I tap and release within 0.3s, so it doesn’t interfere with things like CMD-S to save. I like it so far.

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Thanks. I need to look at BTT at some point…