Recommendations for note-taking app mac/ipad handwriting+

Hi folks, I am looking for a recommendation, or maybe confirmation that a notetaking app satisfying my requirements doesn’t exist. Here are the requirements:

Mac and ipad platforms supported
Markdown (or asciidoc) editor/notetaker
Vi keybindings
Ability to include handwriting sections when on ipad, maybe editable later on the ipad and viewable as an image on the mac


Obsidian can do all of the above, except:

Although you could do handwriting in e.g., the Excalidraw plugin, via the iPad Scribble feature, or in another app that you then copy into Obsidian.

Aside: you might want to retitle the thread. It isn’t very descriptive at the moment, so you might miss out on ideas from folks who don’t know they could contribute!


Thanks - title now changed. The ability to have a smooth handwriting experience is very important, I will have a look at the plugin you mentioned.

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Hi again - from what I can tell Obsidian does not yet have an ipad version. This makes the workflow for handwriting a little cumbersome.

It does, though like the app itself it is in beta.

It is available to folks who have bought in to Obsidian’s catalyst supporter program: Pricing - Obsidian

The app will be free when it is out of beta.

I see, thanks for the information. I would like to understand the workflow a little better first.

Excalidraw does not work well with Apple Pencil (at least for me). The plugin developer said there is an issue that should be solved in the next update.