Recommendations for screen rotation app?

I used to use an app called Pivot and before that I used an app recommended by MPU, but I can’t find either now. It seems they’re no longer in development. Does anyone have a favorite screen rotation app? Ideally one with a menu icon for quick rotation.

Maybe this:

SwitchResX will do that. Looks like the certificate on their website has expired, so I linked to macupdate instead.

From the screenshots on the SwitchResX website it looks like the app is locked in the aughts.

So does DEVONthink :wink:

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I use the Display Menu App (free in the Mac App Store) for resolution changes from the menu bar. It has a selection to start Display Preferences which has the rotation selection. I don’t use a separate app for that.

Thanks for the recommendations everyone. It turns out SwitchResX was that other app I couldn’t remember. I even have it installed on my computer :smile:. The issue is that it crashes every time I try to launch it. I am looking for an app that can rotate from the menu but that may not exist anymore.

I found an app called “Displays” in the app store. Not sure how I missed it before. Does exactly what I wanted. Thanks everyone!

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