Recommended office chair

I just pulled the trigger and ordered an Embody. I’m really hoping it lasts as long as my outgoing off-brand Cosco chair of 15 years.

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Just to add to this: The Aeron got updated a few years ago with a slightly improved design and that crossbar that was pushing into many users’ thighs was lowered or removed entirely.

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The Humanscale Freedom chair has also been recommended to me.

You just cost me some money. Bought a set to try. My wife liked them so much she made me buy her two sets, one for her office chair and one for her sewing room chair. Much smoother and looks like it will be better on our new hardwood floors.

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Returned both the Aeron (new type) and the Embody because of painful thigh pressure. I now use the Håg Tribute. I like it.

Sort of on and off topic. I need a new chair too. But I need lab chair with a foot rail or at least one where I can get the seat height to between 23-28 inches tall measured at the seat. The reason is our built in desk is taller than normal. The surface of the desk is 32.5 inches from the floor. It is made from a kitchen countertip and sized so a standard 2 drawer file cabinet can fit undeneath the surface and the wooden frame that supports it.

I also need a chair that I can tip the seat a bit so the front edge is a bit lower than the back edge. Seat pan depth from back of seat to front lip can’t be much more than15-16 inches or my feet dangle and fall asleep.

All the really nice desk chairs do not go up high enough for me to be comfortable at my desk.

I do already have and use foot rests so that even though the chair is tall I can still rest my feet.

Assuming the Aeron has adjustable arms, the arms can be moved down out of the way for most people (depending on stature).

Related to both these items, the Aeron is available with a lot of adjustment options. If you go somewhere and sit in one or buy one used, you’ll want to know which options it has.

Here’s a link to the Herman Miller brochure on adjusting the chair:

Also as mentioned by @tjluoma above, the Aeron comes in three sizes.

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As I mentioned, I’ve said in the Aeron for many years. Moving the arms down does not get them out of the way as much as simply removing them would. I would love to rip mine out. (It voids the warranty, sadly.)

The Aeron does have a lot of adjustment options, and I love them. The Embody has more though, including a seat depth adjustment, which is lovely.

FWIW, I really just want to caution anybody against buying an Aeron blindly because of the sizes thing too.

If you’re making a blind buy for some reason, the Embody is the better Herman Miller pick.