Reconfigured LambTracker Development Office

Here’s my new reconfiguration of my desk. So far I really like having the iMac and new Mac Air side by side and a plus was being able to put the MacAir’s external monitor behind and above to save desk space. New Brother HL-L2350DW, then iMac, MacAir, Inboxes, I have the bottom 3, hubby has the top one. Then my equivalent of a desk drawer system. Paper reading is supposed to all fit on top of that.

Then the Brother scanner, Yes that is an ancient iPod charging up. I’m trying to see if I can resurrect it as a car player. Then my Kindle Fire LambTracker device and the Chromebook. The keyboard skin on top os for my iMac when I use Dvorak on it. Everyone need a pair of binoculars on their desk right?

Lastly all the overflow paper reading material that is in process and my scrapbook and artwork pen storage, die cutting machine and my old label maker.

Current project on the clear spot is to do a sort of ewes into the breeding groups for the backup rams so I can set up the sorting function in LambTracker. So I have a stack of pedigree papers I am working on. Prior to the reconfig. I would have moved that task to the dining room table and had to go back and forth between my paper pedigrees and my LambTracker EBV data on my iMac. Now I can do it all at my desk.

Yes, reconfiguring the office was a way to avoid working on the mind-numbing project of importing over 12K sheep records into LambTracker. Mind numbing because I have to export from the existing system then monk the data via copy and paste into a multitude of spreadsheeps for import into LambTracker in a .CSV to SQLite conversion process. I tried to automate it but was unsuccessful so I’m going to just have to buckle down and do it. I do think the time, while perhaps “wasted” will result in faster work on other tasks. Making procrastination serve some other useful purpose.:sunglasses: