Recording audio/video from Mac screen - help?

Here is what I need to do: when watching a video stream, eg a webcast, I would like to be able to record the webcast for later reference. The webcast could be in a variety of mediums from Zoom to Microsoft Teamviewer to running in a browser.

I know that QuickTime can be used to record a video stream which can be restricted to the area of the screen that the webcast is playing in, but it records the audio from the system microphone, NOT the audio being streamed to the speakers.

I recall hearing of software that can do this kind of recording, or can reroute audio streams so that the audio going to the speakers is routed back into the Mic input internally, which I assume would do the trick.

I just cannot recall the names of any of the software that I have heard of to do this tricks. Anyone have any ideas?


Audio Hijack is the traditional choice and probably the best choice. I have an old MacBook that has separate headphone and microphone jacks so I just use a male-male cable to route the speakers to the mic so QuickTime can record it.

The same trick should work if you have a splitter for a modern MacBook. Most gaming headsets come with one.

Thanks. that was the utility I was thinking of, but couldn’t remember the name. Much appreciated!

So are you using quicktime for the recording? Any other recommendations for other software to use?

Yes, I was just using QuickTime to record. It was a spur of the moment thing; I was on a webinar and wanted to capture the instructions being given. It’s not something I have done before or expect to do a lot of, so I wasn’t prepared. There is likely better / more versatile software solutions out there, but I am not aware of them.

I use OBS Studio and BlackHole BlackHole: Route Audio Between Apps to capture the internal audio of the Mac with instructions Existential Audio - BlackHole - Support through a multi-output device